LeadingAge Illinois Dues Band System

LeadingAge Illinois calculates dues based on program service revenue. Please note that the information you provide is for LeadingAge Illinois internal staff use only, to determine your membership dues. It will not be shared with any other organization.

Program service revenue is the gross revenue an organization receives from aging services. It EXCLUDES unrelated items such as interest, realized and unrealized gains or losses, special events/activities, and any other services unrelated to aging services and the mission of LeadingAge Illinois.

Program service revenue can be found on the following documents using the above definition for program service revenue: Audited Financial Statement, Medicaid Cost Report, or Profit and Loss Statement. For Nonprofits you can find PSR on Part I, Line (9) of the 990 form filed with the IRS.

LeadingAge Illinois Dues Band System

  Maximum Dues: $26,000       Minimum Dues: $750

LeadingAge National Dues Band System

National dues are calculated on a 10-level dues band structure. Each level represents the annual program service revenue collected by an organization at the site level. There are also some special categories that are charged outside the dues band. Please see below.