Is community living the right-fit solution for you or your loved one?

As life expectancy climbs, more seniors and their families are choosing community living. It’s an excellent solution for many. But families and older Americans have questions about what to expect, and whether community living is the right solution for them. 

Here are a few questions we hear often along with information designed to help you understand options and benefits. 

There are many benefits to community living – too many to mention here. There’s also an array of solutions to choose from and different solutions offer different pros and cons. But speaking generally, here are just a few benefits worth considering:

  • Everything residents need to thrive can often be found in a single location, making residents’ lives easier. And letting go of household chores, like cleaning, means more time to relax and lower stress levels.
  • An array of social opportunities makes day-to-day life more fun, healthy, and intellectually stimulating. From cooking classes to gardening to puzzles or exercise, community living has something for everyone
  • There is a continuum of care available, from independent living homes to skilled nursing centers, to ensure every senior gets the care needed. Most solutions offer wellness and fitness programs, and many offer delicious daily meals, some with cafes and dining rooms where residents can gather and socialize.

Senior living communities have always had infection control protocols in place to prevent the spread of infections. Due to the pandemic, protocols have been enhanced so service providers are more prepared than ever to keep you and your loved ones safe. Indeed, many of these communities were the first to gain access to COVID-19 vaccines. Providers strive to keep your loved ones safe, and they have the skills and resources to deliver.

Older adults deserve to live their best lives whether that’s in their own homes with community-based services or in socially engaged community settings with friends and peers. Because there are many types of organizations that strive to provide person-centered quality services with compassion and dignity, families have many options to choose from.  To help you find what’s right for you or your loved one, LeadingAge Illinois has developed Understanding Your Options, a resource loaded with helpful information.

Your loved one’s community is their new home – a home they don’t need to keep up, that comes with new friends, activities, and healthcare resources. Community and family are at the heart of community living. So as long as it’s safe, family will be welcome to visit or invited to stay connected via technology. Knowing your loved one is getting the care they need and deserve gives you more peace of mind and more time to focus on what matters: your relationship.

With community living, residents can enjoy new friends and opportunities, while family members experience less stress and fewer burdens.

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