Emerging Leaders Lunch & Learn Recordings

Access these session recordings by our Emerging Leaders group, designed to offer valuable skills, tips, and career advice for up-and-coming leaders in aging services. These resources are perfect for anyone looking to advance their career and expand their professional network.

Brought to you by LeadingAge Illinois in collaboration with provider member’s volunteer leaders.

Key Learnings on Resilience

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Smith, Mather Institute - Emerging Leaders

Date: 7.30.21

Tips for New (and Growing) Managers

Guest Speaker: Candace Fisher, Certified Coach, Director, Organizational Development, HR Source - Emerging Leaders

Date: 8.27.21

Tips on Project Management/Change Management

Guest Speaker: Guest Speaker: Amber Bardon, CEO, Parasol Alliance - Emerging Leaders

Date: 9.24.21

Building a Culture of Trust

Guest Speaker: Deb Reardanz, President & CEO, ClarkLindsey and Nadia Geigler, President & CEO, The Admiral at the Lake - Emerging Leaders

Date: 1.28.22

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Guest Speakers: Carola Cardenas, Chief Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity Officer and Jeff Weatherhead, Chief Operating Officer, Aldersgate - Emerging Leaders

Date: 3.25.22

Secrets of Facilitation

Guest Speaker: Wade Hampton, YMCA CEO - Emerging Leaders

Date: 4.29.22

Coaching and Facilitation

Guest Speaker: Jennifer Schuler, AVP, Talent Manager, Mather - Emerging Leaders

Date: 6.24.22

Creative Thinking and Adapting to Change

Guest Speaker: Thad Parton, Director of Culinary Operations, Mather - Emerging Leaders

Date: 9.23.22

Building Resilience

Guest Speaker: Kristen Schooley, Director of Development, Tulsa STEM - Emerging Leaders

Date: 10.28.22

The Future of Senior Living

Guest Speaker: Dana Wollschlanger, Plante Moran - Emerging Leaders

Date: 2.24.23

The Importance of Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Guest Speaker: Sadiya Abjani, SAGE - Emerging Leaders

Date: 3.31.23

Creating & Cultivating a Culture of Innovation and Bringing Awareness to Cognitive Bias

Guest Speaker: Mary Leary, President & CEO, Mather - Emerging Leaders

Date: 4.28.23

Coping Strategies on Grief and Loss

Guest Speaker: Melanie Schekels, RN, Threshold Doula - Emerging Leaders

Date: 6.16.23

Using Curiosity to Develop a Path for your Community/Organization

Guest Speaker: Natalia Fee, Account Manager, CPS - Emerging Leaders

Date: 7.28.23

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Guest Speaker: Nadia Geigler, CEO, The Admiral at the Lake -Emerging Leaders

Date: 8.25.23

Managing Financials for Organizational Sustainability, Even If You Don’t Write the Budget!

Guest Speaker: Mario McKenzi, Partner, Healthcare, CLA

Date: 9.29.23

How to Tell Your Organization’s Story through Digital Media

Guest Speakers: Kimberly Borts, VP of Mission and Communications, and Antonio Stinson, Digital Storyteller, Bishop Gadsden

Date: 10.27.23

Senior Living Trends

Guest Speakers: Derek Dunham, Vice President Client Services, Varsity

Date: 2.15.24

Managing vs. Leading & Coaches vs. Mentors

Guest Speakers: Nadia Geigler, CEO, The Admiral at the Lake

Date: 4.18.24