Emerging Leaders Lunch & Learn Recordings

Access these session recordings by our Emerging Leaders group, designed to offer valuable skills, tips, and career advice for up-and-coming leaders in aging services. These resources are perfect for anyone looking to advance their career and expand their professional network. If you are a staff person within an organization that is a LeadingAge Illinois member, consider joining the Emerging Leaders group! Send an email to info@leadingageil.org with the subject: Emerging Leaders.

Brought to you by LeadingAge Illinois in collaboration with provider member’s volunteer leaders.

Key Learnings on Resilience

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Smith, Mather Institute – Emerging Leaders

Date: 7.30.21

Tips for New (and Growing) Managers

Guest Speaker: Candace Fisher, Certified Coach, Director, Organizational Development, HR Source – Emerging Leaders

Date: 8.27.21

Tips on Project Management/Change Management

Guest Speaker: Guest Speaker: Amber Bardon, CEO, Parasol Alliance – Emerging Leaders

Date: 9.24.21

Building a Culture of Trust

Guest Speaker: Deb Reardanz, President & CEO, ClarkLindsey and Nadia Geigler, President & CEO, The Admiral at the Lake – Emerging Leaders

Date: 1.28.22

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Guest Speakers: Carola Cardenas, Chief Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity Officer and Jeff Weatherhead, Chief Operating Officer, Aldersgate – Emerging Leaders

Date: 3.25.22

Secrets of Facilitation

Guest Speaker: Wade Hampton, YMCA CEO – Emerging Leaders

Date: 4.29.22

Coaching and Facilitation

Guest Speaker: Jennifer Schuler, AVP, Talent Manager, Mather – Emerging Leaders

Date: 6.24.22

Creative Thinking and Adapting to Change

Guest Speaker: Thad Parton, Director of Culinary Operations, Mather – Emerging Leaders

Date: 9.23.22

Building Resilience

Guest Speaker: Kristen Schooley, Director of Development, Tulsa STEM – Emerging Leaders

Date: 10.28.22

The Future of Senior Living

Guest Speaker: Dana Wollschlanger, Plante Moran – Emerging Leaders

Date: 2.24.23

The Importance of Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Guest Speaker: Sadiya Abjani, SAGE – Emerging Leaders

Date: 3.31.23

Creating & Cultivating a Culture of Innovation and Bringing Awareness to Cognitive Bias

Guest Speaker: Mary Leary, President & CEO, Mather – Emerging Leaders

Date: 4.28.23

Coping Strategies on Grief and Loss

Guest Speaker: Melanie Schekels, RN, Threshold Doula – Emerging Leaders

Date: 6.16.23

Using Curiosity to Develop a Path for your Community/Organization

Guest Speaker: Natalia Fee, Account Manager, CPS – Emerging Leaders

Date: 7.28.23

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Guest Speaker: Nadia Geigler, CEO, The Admiral at the Lake -Emerging Leaders

Date: 8.25.23